Green Garden is a brand owned by private company of Sjemenarna Ltd. from Široki Brijeg and is a lead brand in segments of seed and seedlings in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sjemenarna Ltd. is distributer of seeds, seedlings, plant protection products, professional agricultural materials, food and equipment for pets as well as other consumer goods.

The distribution is directed into two directions: towards malls and towards special channel – agrocentres, agro stores, zoo centres, veterinary clinics, large agricultural producers, etc.
Green Garden brand includes large number of various products and is the umbrella brand within product groups of different categories targeted at hobbyists and consumer goods consumers.


Green Garden is available in all larger shopping centres and in small agricultural pharmacies and garden equipment stores.

According to our survey from 2011, Green Garden brand takes over 50% of the market share in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the field of seed and seedlings.

Green Garden obtained status of Superbrands BiH 2011/2012, which confirms recognisability, quality and long-lasting of the brand.


There are various products within Green Garden brand and they are divided into several groups/categories:

  • Seeds of vegetables (you can find all kinds of vegetables, flowers and spices in Green Garden’s assortment of seeds, which are available in different packages)
  • Seeds for decorative lawns (in this assortment we have quality seeds for different sorts of lawns: sunny lawns, shady lawns, sport lawns, park lawns and seeds for overseeding the existing lawns, also available in different packages)
  • Rose seedlings (Green Garden assortment of rose seedlings is made of various sorts of climbing roses, tea roses, mini roses as well as sapling roses)
  • Fruit trees seedlings (there are various types of fruit trees in Green Garden’s assortment)
  • Seedlings of decorative plants and bushes (different species of decorative plants and bushes can be found in Green Garden’s assortment)
  • bulbs (the assortment of Green Garden bulbs that we offer covers all type of bulbs of spring and autumn collection)
  • Plant protection and care products (plants need care and protection to be what they are, and for that there are our products from assortment of plants care and protection: different fertilizers for plants, protective preparations against pests, protective balms and sprays)
  • Products/equipment at work (in Green Garden equipment for work you can find all you need for gardening)
  • Various products of wide application (in this assortment we have wide variety of products for hobbyists)


The mission of Green Garden brand is described in existence and function of: Our seed for better crop… and it forms the basis in process of choosing and applying marketing mix.



  • Orientation on producing the products of our own brands, products for hobbyists and products for professionals.
  • Keeping the present quality of products.
  • Maintaining competitive advantage.
  • Continuous work on increasing market share and maintaining the status of a leader.
  • Continuous work on rising of the consumers’ awareness about the existence of Green Garden market brand.
  • Development of the system of distribution.
  • Possibility of online shopping of Green Garden products.
  • Continuous work on training, motivation and professional development of our employees.
  • Since we can react quickly to changes of the market needs and needs of our clients, we consider speed and flexibility, along with the quality and diversity, to be one of the basic abilities.


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